Elephant Cafe 2Elephant Cafe which opened on the 6th of July offers an unparalleled dining experience with its exclusive and enchanting setting. The scenic atmosphere coupled with the opportunity to interact with elephants makes it a unique and unforgettable excursion.

Situated just off the shores of Zambia, the restaurant is accessible from Livingstone. Guests have an option of reaching the restaurant via jet boat, which departs from David Livingstone Safari Lodge & Spa jetty (or Royal Livingstone on request).  Guests are afforded the opportunity to spot a vast array of wildlife, while enjoying the exhilarating the ride. Alternatively guests can reach the restaurant via road transfer from Livingstone town.

Elephant Cafe which sits twenty-four guests, boasts a menu with tantalisingly creative dishes, which embody nature’s quintessence. The food will be prepared using fresh local ingredients, with a strong focus on wild edibles. As such the menus will change with the seasons.

Source: Bushtracks Africa