The Kavango Zambezi (KAZA) Transfrontier Conservation Area is situated in the Okavango and Zambezi river basins where the borders of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe converge. It is potentially the world’s largest transfrontier conservation area, spanning approximately 520 000 km2.

It includes 36 national parks, game reserves, community conservancies and game management areas. Most notably, the area includes the Zambezi Region, Chobe National Park, the Okavango Delta (the largest Ramsar Site in the World) and the Victoria Falls (a World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World).

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in collaboration with EXEC Golf Solutions  hosted Kavango Zambezi (KAZA) Golf Classic 2016 on Saturday 2 July 2016 in the tourist town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

The KAZA Zambezi  Golf Classic is a unique annual golf ensemble to celebrate the World’s Largest Conservation Area situated in a World Heritage Site encompassing one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The golf tournament seeks to magnify the Kavango Zambezi TFCA variety of unique plant, bird and animal making it the most scenic and naturally diverse landscape in the world.

The Kavango Zambezi Golf Classic is thus far the largest most environmentally and socially responsible golf event on the continent, reducing resource consumption, raising awareness and show casing innovation. The Kavango Zambezi Golf Classic which was held for the fourth time in a row at Elephant Hills Golf Course on Saturday 2 July 2016, is set to rotate within 3 of the 5 partner countries from 2017. As such it is set to become a fully-fledged transboundary event.

The event was launched in Victoria Falls in 2013 and has drawn local and international business executives, the diplomatic community, government officials, pensioners, celebrities and the youths to a social yet competitive round of golf, in a breath taking environment which has the largest collection of African Elephant herds.

As the Kavango Zambezi Golf Classic is poised to grow with each passing year, we believe it shall be a concrete arm of all wildlife stakeholders in engaging, inspiring and entertaining the region. The golf tournament presents an unparalleled sporting and networking opportunity to showcase leadership in sustainability. With the recent announcement that golf will become an Olympic sport in 2016, the continental and international growth of the game will increase exponentially.