The Put Foot Rally rolled in to Livingstone in full force on 26th of June, and 3 days later moved on, perhaps a little broken, after 2 days and nights of festivities – rallying, visiting villages and donating school shoes to the community, rafting, braaing, cruising, dancing and hopefully not missing out on a visit to the Falls too!

The Put Foot foundation is a ‘volunteer based, proudly South African, Public Beneficiary Organisation (PBO) and Not-for-Profit Organisation (NPO) born out of the need to tackle the daily plight and indignity of children with no shoes.’ The Put Foot Foundation aims to provide young children in Africa with their first ever pair of school shoes, and also assist with the protection and conservation of endangered animals in South Africa.

The Put Foot Rally is a road trip through Southern Africa – participants choose their own vehicle, and own route to an extent, checking in at a designated check-point in every country, where all teams come together to take part in some hands-on charity work, and share a meal and a party. The Put Foot Rally directly supports the Put Foot Foundation, but participants are encouraged to raise funds for a charity of their choice too.

Source: Safpar News