Robin and Jo Brown's Zambesia World Tour route

Robin and Jo Brown’s Zambesia World Tour route

Quite by chance Victoria Falls resident Robin Brown entered a competition at a travel show – the last entrant, not even knowing what the prizes were.  Lo and behold he managed to win!  Business class tickets with Star Alliance, around the World. Almost a year later their dream has finally come true.

The Browns left Africa on the 9th of June 2016, headed to their first stop Sao Paulo. One of the main  objectives of the trip is to awaken promote our region. This will be done through promoting the continent, and more so Zambesia.  Presentations will be done throughout the trip in order to achieve this.

“There are so many stories to be told, and so much information that needs to be relayed in a careful and effective manner to convince the world that our region of Africa is safe and ready.  We have so many incredible sites and experiences to host tourists from around the world.” said Jo Brown.



Zambesia is a term used to describe a region of Africa that includes all of the 7 countries that form the Zambezi river basin. The region includes so many incredible wild areas, national parks and geological features such as the Okavango Delta, The Deserts of the Namib and of course the mighty Victoria Falls just to name a few.




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