For those who have experienced Zimbabwe and moved abroad, the enduring attachment never fades. Distance nor time cannot sever it. The residual bliss of this beautiful country is etched deeply in your soul. Many have relocated to foreign lands, yet they proudly retain their nationality, proudly referring to themselves as ‘Zimbos’ or ‘mazimba’.

This acute feeling rings true for Gaby Roslin who recently returned to Zimbabwe with her young family. Her article portrays the ecstasy of coming back to her ‘spiritual home’.

“Every week of my life, without fail, I dream of Zimbabwe. The smell. The sky. Its people. I miss it. From when I was born until 16 years ago, I was lucky enough to travel to Harare every year. My father grew up in the capital and we would go there on holiday for a few weeks every year to visit my grandparents and the rest of my family. So the country is in my heart – it always feels like home (Gaby Roslin).

This nostalgic feeling reverberates in the hearts of many. It is not only a distant feeling of longing, but a raging yearning, an insatiable desire to see and feel the enchanting ambience of Zimbabwe again. This is a nation whose diversity comes from a rich tumultuous history and is one of the last frontiers where man and nature have struck a balance. The sprawling urban areas and rustic settlements have intermingled with vast open spaces of the bushveld, to create an intricate ecosystem. The natural environment still epitomises the county’s uniqueness just as much the intricate diversity of its people.

The landscapes create a reservoir of memories even for the foreigner on a short excursion. Towns and cities unfurl under infinite blue skies, creating a liberating atmosphere where the ever changing terrain roams unhindered.  Even within the brevity of a single visit, a lifelong connection will always be established.

VF24 Editor