The drought experienced in Namibia has severely affected the central and southern parts of the country with little grass left in the horses’ range, the Namibia Wild Horses Foundation has warned. Fences in the south and east restrict them from moving further inland to areas that received scattered rainfall.

The lack of rain has made it necessary to increase the feed to provide half to three quarters of the horses’ nutritional requirements. As much of Namibia is dry, grass and lucerne will most likely have to be bought from South Africa, which is a costly affair.

The horses have become one of the attractions in southern Namibia and thousands of tourists visit the Garub waterhole near Aus annually, to witness the horses galloping to the water across the Garub plains.

Namibia Wild Horses Foundation is appealing for funds or good quality grass for the winter period and urges the public to continue with their support for the wild horses to see them through the season.

Donations can be made with the following details:
Namibia Wild Horses Foundation:
First National Bank of Namibia
Current Account 62246659489
Branch: Klein Windhoek (code 281479)

Source: http://tourismupdate