Zambia during the first weekend of this month, showcased its tourism potential at a grand tourism exhibition in Turkey.

Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

Zambia was among 32 African countries present, showcasing the continent’s untapped tourism potential. The exhibition was aimed at stimulating increased tourist-arrivals in Africa. This exercise was timely considering the number of international arrivals, which is expected to increase this year. Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata said recently that the tourism industry was forecasted to create 300,000 jobs annually and to reach more than one million tourist arrivals by 2017.

The exhibition was an ideal platform to vividly stage some of Zambia’s iconic tourism gems, of which the Victoria Falls was pivotal. As one of the world’s seven wonders, this leading tourist attraction epitomised an experience which the exhibition sought to portray.

The Zambian government has emphasised the tourism’s sector role in stimulating economic growth and reducing the dependence of the economy on copper.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Turkey Mirriam Mulenga who led her staff in showcasing Zambia’s tourism gems, expressed confidence that the exhibition would have a positive bearing on Zambia’s tourist-arrivals from Turkey.

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