The white water season has reopened with the rafting companies beginning what they call the “High Water Run” which is between rapids 11 and 23. This involves a short drive out of town of around 20 minutes before a safety briefing at the top of the gorge and then a short hike down a path into the Gorge just above Rapid 11 also known as the “Overland Truck Eater”

High Water Run – Wednesday 18th May 2016
A note from Shearwater one of the oldest rafting companies on the river says –
“Water levels have now dropped sufficiently such that as of Weds 18.05.16
Shearwater are once more reviving the rafts, to screech, handbrake turn, fly,
flip and floor it over the rapids of the mighty Zambezi once more,”

Low water Levels of last November a thing of the past

Towards the end of 2015 the level in the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls had dropped to quite low levels with just a little water trickling over on the Eastern side of the Falls. Although the deep water channel up against the Western Bank was still flowing with strength and the Main Falls in the center of the river also flowed strongly in late November at least two thirds of the 1.7km face of the Falls had all but dried up.

Best rafting on the planet
The rainfall in the catchment areas of the Zambezi up in Angola, Congo and North Western Zambia have been good and so the river enjoyed a good high level in April and May resulting in the need to close the Rafting completely.
White water rafting on the Zambezi river is still regarded as the best one day rafting trip to do on the planet. With warm water, big drop rapids of high volumes of water that are interspersed with large calmer pools the river is regarded as fairly safe when you take into account the level of rapids enjoyed many of which are grade 4 and 5 ( Grade 6 rapid is the highest grade but is commercially “un-runnable” )

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