The Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) says hotel occupancy in Victoria Falls is at 40 percent as a result of the continued increase in international arrivals.
40% Occupancy
From the total occupancies in hotels and lodges, 80 percent of the guests are international visitors while 17 percent are regional visitors.

These are year to date statistics and what is interesting is that the high season for the International markets is still to come. The arrivals from the traditional markets of United Kingdom, Europe and USA usually begin increasing in July and peak in August September.

The domestic market is contributing only 3 percent to the current occupancies due to economic challenges facing the country, with most families still trying to recover from the payment of school and examination fees.

HAZ chairperson- Victoria Falls region Mr Chris Svova says international visitors will continue to lead the occupancies in hotels and lodges since their currencies are equal and in some cases stronger than the United States dollar.

Mr Svova noted that regional tourists are affected by the weakening of their currencies against the US dollar.

Regional tourists affected by weak currencies

Statistics for local arrivals will increase in the coming months due to upcoming local, regional and international conferences.

Source – HAZ – ZBC