The town of Victoria Falls is situated a mere kilometer from the banks of the Zambezi and the actual Victoria Falls. The town is situated inside a National Park which is rich in wildlife including a healthy population of wild elephant. As with any towns the council rubbish dump is not a very attractive place to visit but for the elephant, the smell of food brings them into the dump each night in search of easy pickings.
The dump does not have a fence and so access to the site is simple for these large beasts and keeping them out is near impossible. The only feasible solution is an electrified fence similar to those successfully used by game conservancies in the region. In recent months there have been a number of elephant deaths apparently related to plastic in their gut.

Dump Fance

This has caused a new focus on getting a fence installed and a system by which the fence will be monitored and maintained especially as there is a need to stop the subsistence poachers from using the wire for snares.
If you would are able to assist the people and wildlife of Victoria Falls by donating some funds towards this fence please go to Elefence

Victoria Falls Dump Map 1

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