The levels in the river have risen substantially from some very low records in early December 2015.
The rainfall received in the last month has been reasonable in the area around the Victoria Falls themselves and those received in the catchment upstream from the Falls have also seen an increase after a late start to the season.
Although the level in the river is still low when compared to the average flow at this time of year we are seeing an upward trend and with the rainfall in the catchment we are confident that the trend will continue albeit steadily. The combination of poor rainfalls in the 2014/2015 season and the late start to decent rains this season have meant we cannot expect much more than a reasonable to low level peak in April – May this year.
Of interest is the fact that the late 2015 and current levels being recorded are still some way above the low levels that were recorded in 1995. This would suggest that we are in a cycle that will pass with the coming seasons.
We would like to thank Wild Horizons for the water level information and graph. As well as the Rafting Association of Zimbabwe who read these levels on a daily basis.

Water Levels 2016

VF24 Ed. 15th Feb. 2016Wild Horizons