wild horizons raftingWild Horizons Launches Multi-day Rafting Set Itineraries in 2016 !
Victoria Falls is the adrenalin capital of Southern Africa. There is a range of exciting and scenic activities on offer  and  the  most  famed  of  the  adrenaline  activities  is  Zambezi  white  water  rafting.  The  Zambezi  River offers what many consider the best one-day white water rafting run in the world. Even better than the one day rafting, are multi-day rafting trips, which offer not only thrills and spills but also the chance to see incredible scenery, camp on sparkling white beaches and enjoy hearty meals under starlight with friends. In 2016 Wild Horizons has added set departures to our multi day rafting trips- perfect for solo travellers and small groups.

27th to 29th August 2016. 2 day, 2 night.
U$572.00 per person

12th to 16th September 2016. 5 day, 4 night.
U$1188.00 per person

These  unique  experiences  let  you  experience  roaring  rapids  in  the  midst  of  narrow  canyons  and  broad valleys  with  white  sandy  beaches.  Camp  is  set  up  on  these  untouched  beaches  and  hearty  dinners  are enjoyed around  roaring campfires with new friends. Our team of world-class guides will safely guide you through the rapids on our self-supported expedition and explain the geology and fascinating history of this area.
Between  September  and  November  rafting  is  at  its  best  with  lots  of  grade  4  and  5  rapids.   These adventures  are  between  two  and  five  days  long.  The  journey  snakes through  the  Songwe  and  Batoka  gorges.  Sheer  rock  walls  arise  hundreds  of  meters  above  the  river.  It  is  here  where  one  may  catch  a glimpse of the threatened Taita falcon as its soars above you.
On the longer journeys basalt rocks give way to grassy banks and the grunts of vocal hippopotamus carry across  the  water. Rapids  are  interceded  by  calm  stretches  of  crystal  clear  water  where  you  can  take  a relaxing swim and watch the spectacular gorges, thick with vegetation.
If  you  want  to  escape  on  a real  holiday  where  there  are  no  phones,  computers  or  stress,  this  is  the perfect vacation for you.

The set departures will be confirmed once we have a minimum of 4 guests on a trip.

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