The Victoria Falls community has rallied together to raise funds to erect a fence around the towns’ rubbish dump.  It is a sad sight to see wildlife foraging through trash piles, and quite often, the wind carries rubbish far beyond the dump limits.

On the 29th of December, there will be a 3 dayVolleyball Tournament in the town centre.  All funds raised will go towards the fence, keeping rubbish in and wildlife out !

The games will begin at 10am on Tuesday the 29th of December. We are looking for teams of 5 to register at $15 a team. The games will be played through the day to the background of music, cold drinks, hot food. Entrance into the event itself is $5 a person for one day or $10 per person for 3 days [PLEASE NOTE THIS ENTRANCE FEE IS SEPARATE FROM GAME FEES]. There will also be other games and events set up on the side for those who aren’t too keen on a full day of volleyball. With drink prizes every hour and various prizes kindly donated to the cause this promises to be a day worth attending.


Editor, VF24

28 December 2015