The Univisa (Kazavisa) which is issued by guests arriving in either Zimbabwe or Zambia at the Victoria Falls or Kazungula border has been a welcome development for tourists visiting the destination. The visa allows the visitor access to both countries on single visa and one payment. The Univisa once issued to a traveler, is valid for three months allowing the visitor as many entries as they like in this time. The visa also allows for a day visit to Botswana. The cost for the Univisa is 50.00 USD

Whilst the visa has been well received by tourists, its use for business travelers has been restricted. There have been instances that have seen tourists travelling to the destination to attend a conference for instance, being denied a Univisa on arrival in either Zimbabwe or Zambia.

This visa has been run by the two countries on a trial basis, the period of its use will terminate at the end of December 2015 in fact we understand that as of now ( 9th December ) the Zambian officials have stopped issuing the visa as they have run out of the stickers required to do so.

The tourism industry in both countries have been encouraged by the positive response of travelers to the Univisa and it is widely hoped that the authorities will either extend the current system, or build on it to include more countries such as Botswana and Namibia, to make the project a long term. Then it can then be marketed as such.

Editor 5, Vicfalls24

9 December 2015