In a welcomed judgement issued by the Zimbabwean High Court on Tuesday, November 17, flyafrica Zimbabwe won its legal case against its local partner, who was found to be acting illegally and with malicious intent to damage the airline by seeking to ground flyafrica Zimbabwe.

Flyafrica Zimbabwe is now working towards get its planes back in the sky, which are expected to resume operations on Tuesday, November 24.

“There are a few procedures that still need to be followed. We are currently working on getting our bank account unfrozen so that we can continue to refund passengers their money. Thereafter, sales will reopen for flying. After all this is in order, we have to earn the trust of our customers back,” says CEO, Adrian Hamilton-Manns.

Flyafrica Zimbabwe is now also seeking damages of over R56 million (€3,6 million), which is the estimated cost for the time the airline was grounded.

Source Tourism update

23 November 2015