MANA POOLS:  The Zambezi Society is collaborating with “Flying for Wildlife” to conduct an urgent and important overfly and aerial surveillance operation over Mana Pools over a three day period within the dates of 15th November to 30th November 2015.  This is in support of the anti-poaching efforts of Zimbabwe’s Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA).
The Society is appealing to its friends and supporters to urgently assist us with the fuel and manpower costs involved.

FUEL COSTS & TRANSPORT:  The Zambezi Elephant Fund will be assisting with some of the fuel expenses but the costs are high and we still need more.  Donations can be made via the PAYNOW donate button on the Home Page of the Zambezi Society website.  Alternatively if you have access to fuel coupons, these will be readily accepted.   If you are in a position to assist with the urgent transportation of full fuel drums into the Park, we would be glad to hear from you.

ON-THE-GROUND VOLUNTEERS:  We are looking for supporters who would (in their own vehicles and at their own expense) be prepared to travel to Mana Pools, base at Nyamepi Camp and carry fuel, the pilots and a member of National Parks’ staff to the Mana Airstrip over a three day period.  Maximum two volunteers at a time. Volunteers will be required to abide by the terms of the MOU between The Zambezi Society and ZWPMA (which will be made available to them prior to deployment).
If you are able to assist please advise the days that work best for you during the period 15th to 30th November.

MATUSADONA:  Under a separate initiative. The Zambezi Society and a private pilot will be overflying Matusadona in the near future.    Any support towards the fuel costs for this will be most welcome.

DONATE:   Via the online PAYNOW button on our Home Page at Zamsoc.

OR CONTACT (Phone, message or Whatsapp) :  Pete Musto  (Zambezi Society Director of Operations)  +263 772 249434

This appeal was posted on 11th November 2015.