Malawi Visa fee effective 1st October 2015

For some time now the Malawian Government has been talking about a new Visa regime and this will come into place as of the 1st of October.

The official PRESS release from Malawi Tourism still reads as follows

As from 1 October 2015, new regulations will come into force for entry to Malawi. New visa fees will be effective and applicable to visitors from any country which requires Malawian Citizens to acquire visas to visit their country of citizenship. These countries include but not limited to the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Schengen member states, Australia, New Zealand. Most Middle East countries will also be required to pay visa fees.

A comprehensive list of countries required to pay the fee is still being compiled. Exempt from this entry fee are countries belonging to SADC and COMESA; with the exception of those countries that charge visa fees to Malawian nationals.

Below is a summary of the visa fee (in US$ dollars):
Transit – valid for 7 days    $50
Single entry – valid for 3 months    $75
Multiple entry – valid for 6 months    $150
Multiple entry – valid for 12 months    $250
Gratis – applicable to diplomats/individuals on government assignments    Free

The details of how visas can be obtained is still to be concluded, so all those planning to visit Malawi after 1 October 2015 who feel they might be affected are advised to contact their nearest Malawi Embassy or High Commission.

Note from VF24 we have been waiting to hear further on how the visas will be obtained and managed to get from the page the following which is a positive development. Please verify this if you are travelling to Malawi shortly.

From Thu 1 Oct UK nationals entering Malawi will need a visa, which will be obtainable either in advance or on arrivalWhen applying on arrival the fee will be US$75, and the sterling fee for advance applications will be around £65.
The requirements will be the same as for nationalities that currently require a visa. This change will also apply to nationals of all those countries that charge Malawians for visas.

Editor 5 VF 24

29 September 2015