We like everyone else came in to the news that Malawi airport immigration have started charging the USD75 “ENTRY FEE” for visitors from any country requiring visas for Malawian Citizens visiting their country of citizenship. Unfortunately details of exactly how this will be implemented and who will be effected have not been released.  We are currently trying to get in touch with the relevant departments to get more detailed information and we hope to be in a position to distribute specifics as soon as possible.

From 11 July 2015, visitors to Malawi traveling on passports from Schengen member states, The United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most Middle East countries will definitely be required to pay the entry fee. SADC and COMESA states (with the exception of Angola) are exempt from the fee. A comprehensive list of nationals required to pay the fee will be distributed as and when we have it.

Source : Atta

14 July 2015