From an article in the Daily Mail, government is to tar more roads, this time in the northwest.  The roads are: Solwezi-Kipushi, Kasempa-Kaoma, Kasempa-Mumbwa, Manyinga-Jimbe and Kasempa-Kalulushi.  (I have marked them on the map in red; the green bit is Kafue NP).
















The roads, I assume are to promote development in the mining industry but the roads around Kafue National Park will promote tourism too.  The Mumbwa road to the eastern section of Kafue NP is in a shocking state and I was almost in tears the last time I travelled the road.  I hear that it is now being graded but a tar road and a couple of bridges – one over the Kafue River and one over the Lungu River will also be welcome.
pontoonThis is the pontoon over the Lungu River.  The road was very steep down to the pontoon and  my vehicle nearly went off the end into the river.  I learned a very valuable lesson there – always drive onto similar pontoons in 4-wheel drive …
This is the pontoon over the Kafue River.  The workers on the pontoon have to jump up and down on the ramp so that it lowers and thus allows the vehicles to get off.

pontoon 2








Source : The Livingstone Weekly

24 June 2015