thomsonIt has generally been a quite month in the Chambonda for game viewing, with most of the wildlife on the springlines or down by the river. However, the elephant population is ever increasing in the Park, and they are now drinking at all the waterpoints on the Chambonda, especially at Timots. The elephant are also back to swimming in the Zambezi – a sight we missed for many years. I suspect we are pulling a lot of elephant away from the Chobe.
We had a visit from Ian and Sue Thomson, who made the initial donation of a solar pump and got the ball rolling. It was our pleasure to host them, with a drive along the vlei, ending in a bush dinner at No 3. This was a fantastic evening, with over 200 elephant coming to drink at the pan and dam during our dinner, sometimes within 15m of where we were dining. Needless to say, dinner was interrupted and the waiter service dropped off for a while!
Ian has pledged more support for our conservation programs, for which we are very grateful!! We will soon be replacing a couple of the smaller Grundfos pumps in the Chamabonda with pumps producing greater water volumes, thanks to Ian’s support, plus a pledge of funding to start the dam project..
Our controlled burning program and fire protection/fireguards will start in early June – this is a combined operation with National Parks, Matetsi Unit 7, Unit 6, Bhejane Trust, Jafuta Foundation and hopefully support from some of the camps in the Park. Mowing has also commenced in the vlei. This program will cover the Park and Matetsi 6 & 7 Units.

Excerpt from Bhejani Trust by Trevor Lane