Zambias progress in the last decade has been a good example of the overall development of the African continent. With a stabilising economy supported largely by the mining of precious metals like copper, cobalt and gold. As well as agriculture and tourism, the country has seen annual growth of around 5.7%. (world bank.org)

Although this is true, the countries recent success is still yet to include a much needed increase in employment and a reduction in poverty. In light of the situation various companies and NGOs have taken root in Zambia in an effort to bring about sustainable development. Deforestation by local men and woman in their daily efforts to make a living is at crisis levels and Greenpop is an organisation set up to try and combat this with their mission to plant as many trees as possible. Their goal is to replace those that have been cut down and to bring about a change in the people’s mind set. Based in Livingstone, running on a voluntary basis and driven forward by inspirational environmental fanatics, Greenpop is definitely changing the lives of African people and the landscape.