elephant relocationThe Nakavango Conservation Programme at the Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserve just outside Victoria Falls, is offering visitors the chance to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience  Volunteers are required to work in teams to assist with an elephant relocation exercise which is to take place between 3rd and 17th August 2016.

African elephants are a keystone species, and their numbers in a protected area need to be carefully monitored.  Should a reserve become overpopulated with elephant, this will have a negative impact on the entire ecosystem and its inhabitants.  In order to maintain ecological equilibrium in the Stanley & Livingstone Game Reserve, it has now become necessary to reduce the current population of elephants by 5 – 7%. Disturbance to the existing breeding herds will be kept to a minimum by translocating between 5-10 elephant bulls into neighbouring national parks.  Each animal will be darted with a tranquilliser from a helicopter.  Once the elephant is recumbent, the game capture team and ground crew will move in.  Assistance will be required at this stage from volunteers to monitor the elephant’s vital signs, temperature, breathing etc. while the team prepare to mechanically uplift and translocate the animal.  Once it has been moved successfully, an antidote will be administered and the elephant will be released into its new home.

The fee for an all-inclusive volunteer package for this incredible two-week experience will help to cover some of the costs of the exercise and will also cover a volunteer’s accommodation, airport transfers, meals and participation in the operation (including observation time in the helicopter).  The programme will also include some leisure time in which visitors can enjoy the other activities and sights available in Victoria Falls.  Should visitors wish to extend their stay beyond the 2-week itinerary for the Elephant Relocation Safari, this can be arranged.
For more information and contact details, see Nakavango

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11 June 2015