marathonVictoria Falls, Zimbabwe
June 28, 2015
This event has been on the calendar for over 6 years now and is recognised as one of the more fun running events in Southern Africa. Apart from the fact that it takes place on the very brink of the World’s most famous waterfall the run takes athletes through parts of the nearby Zambezi National Park with rangers on guard to warn of any elephant or buffalo that may be crossing the road or lurking in the bush alongside.
The many activities that are on offer in and around the village of Victoria Falls make sure that both spectators and athletes have plenty of options to fill their time around the event. There also organised marathon events including a cruise and a fun riverside party with great music and food.
The three run options include a full 42km marathon a 21km half and a 7 km “fun run” .
Some comments taken from a well known American running blog included the following –
1.    A wonderful run to do and PB’s can be achieved. Great spectators, great scenery and just a fun day throughout. Only in Africa.
2.    Very rewarding race. The marathon, half marathon, 5K and the concurrent Zambezi Man Challenge, were well conducted. Over 500 participants in all events, about 150 in the Marathon. Good number of water stops, with sports drinks on the second half of the course. Some hills made this more difficult than many races, but the view of Victoria Falls from the bridge was exhilarating. Running along the river kept the heat down and the views great. I saw a herd of Impala cross my path at 13KM into the race. Good support at the water stops, cheering in the residential areas and just enough runners to know you were safe. The local people were very friendly and glad to have tourists in town. I think this race will continue to grow. This is a very geographically blessed area. There are many adventure activities to do both before and after the race. The sunset victory cruise and after race party were both well attended and fun events. Anyone going to this part of the world should also go to Botswana and take in a Safari in Chobe National Park.
3.    The first half of the course was interesting and run over the bridge to Zambia, through cute neighborhoods and the main town. The second half had long stretches of just road and scattered runners. Only stations with water and flat coke dotted the rest of the way with manned guards to protect you from wildlife. Otherwise an unrelenting scape. People were friendly, and lots of ultra marathoners from S. Africa and locals running barefoot. About 200 runners total so there was plenty of space! Locals were generous and I felt completely safe being a single woman traveling solo. There are tons of activities, safaris’ and culture to be soaked up despite the controversial govt. The locals will appreciate your visit and be sure to leave everything behind for them. This trip was good for the soul and a must do! The Falls are spectacular! Just Do IT!! 🙂
Registration for this event closes on the 12th of June so hurry and get onto the official web site Vic Falls Marathon

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2 June 2015