chipataThe Daily Star recently listed Chipata – the captial of  Zambia’s Eastern Province, as one of its top ten picks for “Off the beaten track destinations” At first this may seem rather odd as not many people have heard of this place in rural Zambia. On closer inspection it is apparent that the Northern areas of Zambia are experiencing an upsurge in tourist and business traffic.

Chipata is regarded as the Gateway to the South Luangwa National Park a wildlife area that has grown in popularity in recent years with those discerning wildlife enthusiasts looking for a new gem in the safari circuit. The Luangwa offers a combination of walking safaris, game drives, camp and lodge experiences that are right up there with the best of Botswana and Kenya.

Chipata is also only a very short drive from the Malawi border and less than four hours drive from some of the best tourist areas of Lake Malawi. This lake is known for the amazing tropical fish, clear warm waters and snorkelling and diving safaris that are available from some very comfortable properties along its shores.

Add to both the above the fact that Zambia is a stable democratic nation with a growing economy focussed on Agriculture and mining and Chipata is close to a lot of the prime areas for both of these it is reasonable to assume that a lot of business people frequent this growing town.

There are daily flights from Lusaka to Chipata using Proflight the local airline in Zambia who have recently introduced a 50 seater jet onto this route.

 Dailystar article

27 March 2015