kaza visaThere has been some confusion at Livingstone airport recently with the issue of KAZA visas. International guests looking to obtain a KAZA visa have been told that as they are attending a conference, this visa does not apply to them. VF24.com is seeking clarity from the authorities on this matter and at this stage we are still to verify if this is the same approach that will be taken on the Zimbabwe side of the Falls for guests arriving at Victoria Falls Airport, or if the Zimbabwe authorities will continue to issue a KAZA visa for people attending conference events in Victoria Falls.

The KAZA visa is a progressive step towards a Univisa that is in the pipe line for the Southern Africa region. This is the pilot scheme that includes Zimbabwe and Zambia also allowing for a day visit to Botswana, with the foreigners paying just 50 USD for this KAZA visa as opposed to over 100 USD for the combined individual visas for each country the KAZA visa also saves lengthy waits at the borders as foreigners queue to obtain a visa as the cross each border. The KAZA visa was initiated in 2014 and has had a positive effect on the tourism numbers to the region. It now seems that tourists visiting the region for a conference, even if it is their own conference and does not include any business that involves Zambia or Zimbabwe will not be able to obtain this visa. This could be a blow to the increasing number of business events that are taking place in Livingstone and Victoria Falls.

Editor VF 24 – 5

23 March 2015