Early in Hwange Safari ParkWe are well into the new year now and we wish you all the very best in 2015. Thanks to your support in 2014 we were able to achieve some goals long planned and look forward to the year ahead
We at last managed to refurbish a house in Main Camp which will serve both as a home for Gary and as an office for FOH and WEZ. Our thanks must go to National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority for granting us the use of this facility. The house was in a state of sad disrepair, but Tony Wharam and Celia Hubbard transformed it into a home we can be truly proud of. Gary will be very comfortable especially with all the furnishings that were donated by so many kind people. Thank you all.
Our financial situation is healthy due to great support from many people. Unfortunately we can’t name everyone in a newsletter but a list of all donors can be found on our website. Special mention should be made of Frank Zindel, of Shreiber and Zindel Treuhand-Anstalt, Switzerland, for his hugely generous donation. Frank has visited Hwange National Park on a number of occasions and was introduced to FOH by Stuart Danks of Simply Africa. We are most grateful to both of them. Another large donation came from the Deceased Estate of Betty Coleman, of Bulawayo, who was so passionate about fauna and flora that she left money to FOH in her will. This was enough to pay for both the new solar units we recently installed at Ngweshla which are working really well. What a great way to be immortal as Betty’s memory will live on as future generations of animals and birds benefit from her kindness. We also receive regular support from Save African Rhino Foundation (Australia) and Hwange Conservation Society (UK).

Last week we received £1000 from Carr Hill High School in the UK. Miss Vikki Wignall did voluntary conservation work in Zimbabwe in 2013 and has done her best to assist ever since. She is the Art and Photography teacher at the School and organized the students to produce paintings of animals. Last year her theme was Rhinos and she raised £400 for Zimbabwe Rhinos. This year the theme was “Elephants”. The idea is to produce postcards from the paintings for sale to the public. Two hundred students were involved in this project and we extend a big thank you to them all.
We recently purchased a brand new Nissan Patrol vehicle which was badly needed as the one we have used for the past 5 years is getting tired! This was funded by Frank Zindel and Transerv.
A major step forward so far this year has been the installation of the two new solar units at Ngweshla pan. These are fitted with Lorentz pumps supplied by PowerOn Solar and produce significant volumes of water even in overcast conditions. The array of solar panels look great on the single mast stands designed, fabricated and donated by Agristructures. As with all NGO work we need as much assistance as we can get and we are very grateful to Cargo Carriers (Sabot Group) for transporting the units all the way to Ngweshla.These units set a new standard for solar energy in the Park and are definitely the way forward! In our constant effort to provide water using sustainable energy in the next few months we plan to install five more solar units in various locations throughout the Park.

As well as ensuring adequate water, FOH also helps with road maintenance, fire-breaks, anti-poaching and erosion around the pans. The tractor donated a few years ago is an enormous help in this regard.
Gary continues to work very hard and is an asset to the Park. We welcome Patrick van de Ruit a young Zimbabwean who has just completed a diploma in Game Ranch Managment in South Africa. . Patrick will assist Gary for a year as part of his on going studies.
Thank you all once again and make sure you visit Hwange National Park soon.
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3 February 2015