yellow feverTraders and tour operators have been urged to take advantage of the removal of the yellow fever certification requirement to boost trade and tourism activities in the country.

Livingstone District Commissioner Omar Munsanje said there was need for traders and tour operators to take advantage of the removal of the yellow fever certification requirement to boost trade and tourism activities.

Mr Munsanje noted that previous insistence by South Africa and Botswana on the production of yellow fever certificates for travellers to or from Zambia had created a lot of problems for traders and tourists.

He was speaking in Livingstone on Wednesday evening during the launch of taxi advertising (taxiads) product by Abantu Tours and Leisure Services.

Taxiads, which is a new innovation in Zambia but common in other countries abroad, allows companies to place their adverts on top of taxis so that their messages are promoted wherever taxies go when carrying passengers.

“The removal of yellow fever certification requirement by South Africa and Botswana will ultimately translate into increased trade flows between the two countries and we shall record high revenues from this development,” Mr Munsanje said.

He said the Patriotic Front (PF) Government was committed to creating an enabling business environment for the business community to thrive.

Mr Munsanje said the launch of the taxiads, in partnership with Livingstone’s Dacanton Restaurant, was important in the promotion of goods and services.

“We can only survive in business if we make our goods and services known to our potential clients and this will increase revenue and growth for the business.

“Innovation in our business remains a critical factor and it is with this view that the Abantu Tours and Leisure Services should continue exploring latest technologies on the global market,” he said.

He urged the company to come up with quality and eye stimulating branding that would cultivate the mind of would-be customers.

Livingstone City Council acting Town Clerk Chabala Chanda said the launch of taxiads products would help to maintain cleanliness in the tourist capital.

Mr Chanda said the situation in which people were placing their paper adverts on trees and walls was creating a nuisance within the city.

“For us to keep the city clean, this is one of the ideas which are very welcome to bring about sanity in terms of advertising.

“Step up this initiative further so that we reduce the nuisance of putting stickers or posters on walls and trees,” he said.

Livingstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Miles Daka urged the business community to embrace the product.

“Advertising a very powerful weapon you can reach clients. In Livingstone, taxies go beyond Livingstone to neighboring countries and towns and hence this product can make you reach many clients,” he said.

Abantu Tours and Leisure Services executive director Kunda Silwenga said the product was convenient to the business community.

From : Lusaka Times

31 January 2015