luangwaTravel is increasingly becoming synonymous with busy crowds, jaded tourists and disgruntled locals. However, there’s always a flip side. As travel is becoming relatively cheaper, faster and more convenient, there are places that are emerging off the grid of traditional travel locations.

You’re in your 20s: you’re young enough to want to go and explore the unseen wonders of the world; you’re old enough to use your own money; you’re (relatively) free; you’re not tied down. You won’t get to relive this decade again. So here are 10 of the hidden gems that you could aim to visit.
1. South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
This is a tranquil haven that is home to an embarrassingly diverse array of wildlife. Thronging with big game, little game and about 400 different species of birds, this 9059 km2 gem of a park provides a retreat for weary travellers. For the more adventurous there are activities such as the walking safaris that can bring you face to face with a herd of lumbering elephants. For the more mild-hearted enjoy the sunset with an Amarula at a rustic campsite or luxury lodge.

The other top 9 places :
2. Ahmedabad, India
3. Shikoku, Japan
4. Baku, Azerbaijan
5. Dead Sea, Jordan and Israel
6. Lobito Bay, Angola
7. La Paz, Bolivia
8. Timore-Leste
9. Dunhuang, China
10. Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia

Source : Lifehack

28 January 2015