national parks and wildlifeIt seems that the Ministry of Environment in Zimbabwe has decided to keep all of its National Parks entry and overnight fees the same as they were in 2014. Although this has not been confirmed in an official announcement as yet from the Minister, this is what the various private sector associations have been lead to understand by the Department meetings held towards the end of 2014.

This is seen by the players in Zimbabwe’s tourism industry, and those supporting the country’s tourism from around the globe, as another positive step towards the country working to fulfil its ambitious tourism growth targets. It is easier to grow its tourism numbers through being competitive in the region, as well as becoming easier to predict in terms of pricing for the international markets when selling the destination. Engineer Walter Mzembi, the Minister of Tourism in Zimbabwe, recently announced that he felt the Zimbabwe tourism industry could be turning over 5 billion dollars annually by the year 2020.

Editor, VF 24

31 December 2014