Great news for Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. On Christmas day the “Travel Weekly”, known to American readers as the “Travel Industry’s Travel Voice”, published its list of 4 African “hot spots” that they believe the American market will be looking at for more travel in Africa for 2015.

These included Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique all which make up part of the region surrounding the Zambezi River known to some as the “Zambesia”  Tourism region” . The  fourth country on the list was Tanzania.


Of note in the recent article was mention of the recently introduced Univisa which allows visitors from America the option of purchasing one visa for travel to both Zimbabwe and Zambia. According to some of the featured travel experts, this type of visa enhances a regions ability to host long high end itineraries. The fact that Zimbabwe and Zambia luxury camps and lodges are offering prices 30 % lower than those in neighbouring Botswana was also a point of note. The high end American market is looking for good deals that offer world class wildlife experiences with good guiding and service.

The American market is highly sort after by tourism operators in Africa and it seems Christmas day brought what could be a nice present for 2015.

Read the article in the Travel Weekly on Travel Weekly

Editor, VF24

30 December 2014