Ilala Lodge concept 2The Ilala Lodge is Victoria Fall’s answer to a lovely Boutique Hotel. Originally designed as a 16 room hotel in the 1980’s the Ilala Lodge expanded to the 34 room owner run hotel that it is today, the balance of 18 rooms being added in the 1990’s

The food, service, décor and general ambience of this well positioned hotel have been maintained through tough times and no doubt the recognition of this that their occupancies have remained positive through all of its years. It is also the closest Hotel to the Vitoria Falls itself allowing clients and easy walk down to the entrance gate of the Falls.

On the 22nd of December this year the management team of Ilala finally confirmed that a new wing of 22 rooms is to be added in the eight months from January to August 2015. The rooms should be open to the public in September 2015 states an excited news release from the Ilala Lodge team, bringing the total rooms to 56.

It is no coincidence that this expansion will be ready when the new airport terminal, being built in Victoria Falls to cope with international air lines, comes on line later in 2015.

24 December 2014

Ilala Lodge Concept