ztbThe Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) has officially launched Green season domestic tourism campaign aimed at encouraging Zambians to go for holidays.

The period is meant to help lodges and hotels remain open for the festive season as most of them shut down during this period due to lack of business.

Foreign tourists who occupy space in most lodges and hotels opt to spend their holidays at home and that this is the time for local tourists to take up the challenge and occupy lodges.

The Zambia Tourism Board is happy that there is overwhelming response from the private sector in terms of reducing prices for the lodges and hotels.

It is perceived in Zambia that it is expensive to spend a night at any lodge saying that mind set is deceiving a lot of the people saying it is cheaper to spend a holiday with a family.

ZTB has since showered praises to the private sector for collaborating well with the board in offering best tourism services to both local and foreign tourists.

From : Atta

16 December 2014