wonky tuskNovember is a great time of year for nature tourism in Zambia. Kasanka is awaiting the arrival of their 5 million straw-coloured fruit bats; the wildebeest (last count around 50,000) are arriving at Liuwa Plain National Park and the elephants are walking through Mfuwe Lodge, South Luangwa. Here is a story from Mfuwe:
Each year at Mfuwe Lodge we have some very special guests that come to visit – “Wonky Tusk”, as she has become affectionately known, and her family have been regular guests at the lodge for a number of years, visiting every October and November to feast on the fallen fruits from the large “Wild Mango” (Cordyla africana) tree in the lodge grounds. The fact that a large safari lodge is built around this delicious food store is of no concern to her…after all, why walk the extra few metres to go around, when there are some nice steps and a tiled reception lobby to saunter through each day? In October 2009 a new arrival to the herd – Lord Wellington – was born on the Lodge grounds and at 2 days old was introduced to the reception and the steps – now he is an expert at clambering up and through reception area. Wonky Tusk’s family’s annual dining habits have been the focus of many a photograph, video, newsworthy article, and even a children’s book.

From : The Livingstone Weekly

by Gill Staden

12 November 2014