camp nkwazi roomIn September I went for a drive out to see Camp Nkwazi. The last time I had seen it was when it was under construction several years ago.
I was so impressed with the lodge which has chalets and camping. Set in green and colourful gardens, with water in front and water behind, it is a tranquil place to spend a few days. It is about 30 km from Livingstone on the Kazungula Road, taking about half an hour to get there by car. An ideal place to stay for visitors who want the quietness of an out-of-town spot.
The development has taken into consideration all those little things like the campsite shower with a dry place to leave your clothes so that they don’t get splattered when having a shower. There are lights throughout so that you can see what you are doing when cooking over the fire in the dark.
camp nkwazi kitchenThe chalets have their own mini-kitchen on the veranda and a barbeque site just outside. The kitchen has a microwave, small cooker and fridge – all the essentials. I loved it and would like to see more attention to detail at other campsites.
The bar and restaurant overlooks a channel of the Zambezi River with an island in front. The birdlife is great with all the waterbirds on show and the gardens full of land-loving birds. I saw a woodpecker while I was there.
I think the photos will tell you all.
camp nkwazi
By Gill Staden
2 November 2014