Some of Procharters' Fleet

Some of Procharters’ Fleet

The Zambia Civil Aviation Authority (ZCAA) has awarded an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) to Avocet Air Link Ltd trading as ProCharter Services (Zambia), or Procharter for short, confirming that the firm meets stringent international safety, security and operational standards.

The AOC for Zambia’s largest air charter company was accepted n behalf of the company by its Managing Director and Accountable Manager, Mr Richard Jeffery, following lengthy compliance procedures and audits by the ZCAA.

The award is the third Air Operator Certificate issued by Zambia, with ProCharter’s sister company Proflight Zambia and charter company Staravia also passing the rigorous approval requirements.

These certifications mark a new chapter in Zambia’s aviation industry, and pave the way for other Zambian air operators to complete their AOC processes and regain approvals for international flights.

“The ZCAA’s award of a third Air Operators Certificate is a significant milestone for Zambia’s aviation industry,” said the Director General of the ZCAA, Mr Gabriel Lesa. “It confirms that the aircraft operator is a safe, reputable company that can provide a reliable service for passengers across the region. It also demonstrates that the ZCAA has the requisite capacity and expertise to certify Air Operators to international standards.”

A team of ProCharter senior management has been working for several years on the ZCAA’s stringent compliance requirements, which cover every aspect of the business, from Customer Service to implementation of Operational procedures, with continuous reviews of Quality Control and Safety Standards.

The ZCAA’s rigorous five-phase inspection process included compilation of 18 manuals amounting to over 2,000 pages and more than 500,000 words of technical content, based on the stringent ICAO’s minimum requirements. ProCharter also underwent an audit during which a team of ZCAA inspectors shadowed the company’s operations from start to finish, and appraised their charter flights from inside the cockpit and the cabin to all aspects of Operational Control.

ProCharter becomes one of 15,000 AOC holders globally.


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