jackalpupWe are excited to advise a new litter of jackal  pups have been seen in Kariba.

On Friday KAWFT spotted 2 of these little ones on the side of the powerline road between Tamarind Lodges and Lomagundi Lakeside

A resident then advised us he had seen the mother  and EIGHT PUPS.

Reading the below info tells us this is a very large litter. Hope most of them survive to adulthood.

It is good  news to know that they are breeding in the area again as they did last year.

PLEASE be on the alert when driving on this road at night as these little ones are all over the road and we would hate for them to be run over.  Enough to survive in the wild without humans adding their toll.
The mother will probably move them again soon – hopefully away from the road !!!

Jackals mate for life. Pups are independent at 6 months old. Litters number up to six but usually average two to four. It takes about 10 days for the infants’ eyes to open, and for the first few weeks of life they remain in the thickets or holes where they were born.

At about 3 weeks they begin to spend time outside playing with their litter-mates. At first the games are clumsy attempts at wrestling, pawing and biting. As they become more coordinated, they ambush and pounce, play tug of war and chase each other.

The mother changes den sites about every two weeks, so the young are less likely to be found by predators. The pups are suckled and fed regurgitated food until they are about 2 months. By 3 months they no longer use the den, but start to follow their parents, slowly learning the territory and observing hunting behavior. By 6 months, they are hunting on their own. Their parents, however, continue to feed, groom and play with them.
Most pup deaths occur during the first 14 weeks of life.

Sometimes pups stay with their parents and help raise their younger brothers and sisters. At times they bring back food to their younger siblings or babysit them while the parents hunt for food.

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