Self-drive wilderness tour operators, Zim4x4 have created an attractive and enticing video highlighting the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of several areas visited during one of their trips in the Zambezi Valley this safari season.

The video starts with a boat-trip from Nyamoumba Camp up the 25-km-long, steep-sided and rocky Kariba Gorge as far as the point where the Kariba Dam Wall spans the fast-flowing Zambezi River across the Gorge, generating hydro-electricity for the region.  This is a spectacular journey not often experienced, except by intrepid canoeists paddling down the Gorge, or avid tiger-fishermen speedboating up it!  The scenery is magnificent, with fine examples of beautiful “Splendid Acacia” trees at the river’s edge and unusual bird species like the Rock Pratincole in evidence.

The video then moves on to the contrasting tranquillity of Mana Pools, with its majestic old elephant bulls and buffalo herds moving through the peaceful “Winterthorn” woodlands.  Dramatic footage of a very large crocodile snatching its baby elephant prey reminds us that life is precarious for young or old in these wilderness areas.

The final scenes underline the diversity of landscapes, animals and extraordinary birdlife in the Gache Gache river estuary at the south-east corner of Lake Kariba and how this is being protected by community conservation efforts led by Gache Gache Lodge.

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From : Wild Zambezi

Video Credit to : Dick Pitman Zim 4×4

3 October 2014