The Ministry of Environment and Tourism received equipment worth nearly N$3 million from the Millennium Challenge Account Namibia (MCA-N) on Tuesday.
The donation forms part of MCA-N’s tourism project to support the ministry’s efforts to implement sound solid waste management at the Etosha National Park.

Etosha National Park Map

Etosha National Park Map












These consist of five trucks (one five-tonne truck with a crane, one three-tonne truck, and three two-tonne trucks); one Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4; 900 wheelie bins; 250 one-cubic metre storage bags; 30 paper-recycling boxes; and two deep-freezers.

The Ministry of Environment’s deputy director of regional services and park management, Boas Erkki said during the handing-over ceremony the donation came at the right time as the MET is currently busy addressing waste management in protected areas.

“The waste is a threat to our wildlife and biodiversity. As a result, the MET has formed a task team, with a consultant already appointed in 2013, which resulted in the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) drawing up a comprehensive national solid waste management strategy for protected areas,” he noted.

Waste and recycling material at Etosha will be collected from rooms, campsites, staff rooms, kitchens, restaurants and offices.

It will then be separated according to types (glass, plastic, metal) into wheelie bins.

The five trucks will be used to collect and transport recyclable materials at Okaukuejo and Ombika (situated within the park) to a holding area, before being transported to Windhoek for recycling.

The deep-freezers will be used to store food waste from the kitchens and restaurants at Okaukuejo before collection by pig farmers from the Serinkob area.

The Land Cruiser will be used by the MET for monitoring and supervising activities across the park.

From : The Namibian

1 October 2014