tiger fishingWakey Wakey Rise and  Shine”
It’s  “Tiger Time” !


06:00Hrs on Monday 22nd September 2014 until 06:00Hrs on Saturday 18th October 2014.

Any team competing in the Tournament may only use a maximum of two boats during the practice period and for the duration of the Tournament  i.e. from 06:00Hrs on Saturday 18th October to the end of the Tournament on Friday 24th October.
It is a contravention of the rules for any team or competitor to seek assistance of an additional vessel or vessels or third parties (i.e. Persons or boats not recorded on the team entry sheet) for the purpose of trying to increase their catch of fish during the Tournament and practice period as defined above.

Team Entry Fees:
The cost per Team of Four is $360,00
(which excludes Reserves/Drivers who will pay an additional $90 each)

Team Entry Forms:
Entry forms are available on our Web Site www.kitft.co.zw and hard copies can be collected from most fishing shops.
Once completed these may be handed in at Master Angler, Borrowdale Shopping Centre, Harare or contact any of the committee members above to arrange for collection/delivery.
For out of town venues please contact your local fishing club who will be able to assist.

2013 Trophy Winners:
We are still appealing to some winners from last year who have not handed in their trophy, to please return them as soon as possible.
We remind you to ensure that your trophy has been engraved and cleaned prior to returning it.
You can either drop them off at Master Angler in Borrowdale or contact any of the committee members to arrange for collection/delivery.

Registration will open at 14:00hrs on Sunday 19th October.

Club Membership:
ULTC Angling members (Old and New) and NAUZ Mash registrations, contact Carol Dent on +263 772313325 or e-mail dent@mweb.co.zw
They will also be in attendance at Registration for late memberships.

Captains Meeting:
This will be held in the weigh bay area 16:30 hours promptly on Tuesday 21st October.
There will be great prizes and lots of giveaways for lucky participants and spectators.

Safety Equipment:
Team Captains please ensure that you and your team comply with our K I T F T and
Lake Safety Regulations at all times.
You must have the following equipment:
Life Jackets, Fire Extinguisher, Yellow Flag, Bailer/Bucket, Paddle/Oars, Radio / Cell Phone, First Aid Kit, Torch and a Mirror (a flare gun is also advisable)

Marshals will be checking boats and if they find any infringements, it will mean a disqualification for your team.

Rules & Regulations:
Please ensure that you read the Rules & Regulations that are posted on the official KITFT Web Site www.kitft.co.zw

Lake Navigation/Drivers Licences:

Please note that on Saturday the 4th of October the Lake Captain will be available at Trader Horn Club,  Lake Chivero  doing boat licences and registering.

Boat inspection and certificate of competency
All vessels are subject to an inspection annually, the is fee is $30.00 per year excluding any arrears for up to 3 years.
Where to do it :
For those in and around Harare, they have to go to the Inland Waters Department personally at Kaguvi building, phone 700991/9 for directions.
For those around the Chinhoyi and Banket areas, they will have to make a date with us at Mazvikadei Dam.
Lake Kariba Navigation offices will be open to those who wish to carry out the above in Kariba.
Binga and Vic falls are also open for the same services.
In preparation for the certificate of competence one has to read the manual of Rivers and Lakemanship which is obtainable at Printflow Harare.
For any further queries please con the Lake Captain, Lameck Chitenga, on +263772856819, 061-2289/3130

K I T F T Committee:

Chairman:                Peter Koen                  +263 772 420908 / 0735111113
Vice Chairman:           David Whitehead             +263 772 248488 / 0735012222
Tournament Director:     Rod Bennett                 +263 712 200266 / 0737742200
Treasurer:               Charles Pickering           +263 772 232062 / 0732475761
Secretary:               Allen Robinson              +263 772 269712 / 0739888972
Weigh Bay Master         Rupert Brine                +263 772703413 / 0735101414
Chief Marshal:           Les Bennett                 +263 772 241777
Catch & Release          Gary Hume                   +263 712 600722

Should you wish to correspond with any of the Committee Members please feel free to either call them direct or e-mail: kitft@iwayafrica.co.zw