baobab campsiteOne little-known campsite in Livingstone is at Baobab Ridge – UAC land, just below the helipad. The construction has been thoughtfully done with each campsite having its own toilet and kitchen block; a barbeque stand is just outside for ease in lighting the fi re for cooking. The site is next to a large pit which I assume had been a quarry. It has been fi lled with water and is home to a couple of small crocodile. The plan, I was told, is to put fish in there.
The land on which the site is found is fairly typical of our rocky hillsides around Livingstone. The trees are deciduous, lacking leaves at this time of year, so it seems a bit desolate. That, though, is part of its charm. While I walked round the birds were chatting and the dry leaves rustled in the breeze. However, there is one thing you can say that is not quite so charming, is our Livingstone sun which is getting hotter by the day as we go into September … October still to come … It is hot at the UAC campsite and is something that they are looking into.
Having said that, I would quite happily camp there – it is safe, the birdlife is chirping in the trees and around the waterhole, and elephants wander by the fence. I think they should put a waterhole outside the fence to encourage the wildlife to visit.

Source : Livingstone Weekly
By : Gill Staden

3 September 2014