Children in the Wilderness : Malawi

Children in the Wilderness : Malawi

CITW Malawi will be running three camps at Mvuu Camp in Liwonde National Park this coming December from 5th to 16th 2014.  The Camp programme will host 100 children from villages and schools around Liwonde National Park. Volunteers (young professionals) from well known professional backgrounds – NGOs and Private Public Sectors are welcomed. Those who are in the age range of 19 to 29 make great mentors to children during the camp programme. For more information on mentors’ recruitment call: +265 999 669 369 or email:

Teacher training will take place for four days in August 2014 where over 40 Eco-Club coordinators (Teachers) will participate in the training.

In September 2014, CITW invites the general public and all education Sectors to a launch of Kindles (e-readers) programme at Namalomba Secondary School, Balaka east, Ulongwe zone. CITW in conjunction with Rosemary Pencil Foundation and support from World Readers (USA) had made a donation of 60 mini computers – Kindles to Namalomba Secondary School. Each machine was loaded with over 110 different kinds of students’ text books, teachers’ guides and other books based on Malawi Secondary School Education syllabus. Since 2013 the programme was in its pilot project phase. After one school year of testing the computers CITW and Rosemary Pencil Foundation conducted an evaluation to check the impact of the computers, the results were positive and beyond expectation. After the September launch event, the Kindle programme will change from a pilot project to a full Kindle programme – the first of its kind in Malawi Schools.

CITW Open Day will also take place in August 2014 at Chihame in the Northern region and at Nanthomba in the Southern region. The Open Day aims to give children a platform to air their views, ideas, and concerns about the degradation of the natural environment and how their lives are affected by local social life styles. The children also find time to air their appreciation about changes in their lives from participating in the CITW programme.

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21 August 2014