Khulu Ivory

Khulu Ivory

Khulu Ivory meaning “Grandfather of Ivory” & was first opened in April 2013 as another quintessential, rustic but luxurious addition to The Amalinda Collection with the view of giving our guests a more secluded, private safari experience.

The response from guests staying at Khulu was phenomenal with only positive reviews being shared of their experiences at the new lodge, with headlines such as “Fantastic Family-Run Gem,” “A very special and personal place” and “Simply…PERFECT, you have to be there to know this” from guests who had come from far and wide, ranging from Durban, South Africa to Isle of Man in the UK and Brussels Belgium – Khulu was a big hit within the Amalinda Collection portfolio.

Sadly, just over a year later in May 2014, Khulu Ivory burnt to the ground due to an electrical fire. A tragic loss but luckily nobody was hurt.

Almost immediately, the grandfather himself, Ceddy, started rebuilding his legacy and our quintessential gem in order to revive the spirit and grandeur of this special place for future travellers to experience. Only 3 months later, we are proud that Khulu Ivory will be rising from the ashes and opening its doors on the 21st August 2014. Come and stay with us and experience Hwange at its best!

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15 August 2014