Visa facilitationDespite several international news reports that the visa regulations for Mozambique have been altered, nothing has changed, according to António A. Tomé Muluana, Tourism Counselor for the High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique in South Africa. However, existing regulations will be enforced more strictly.

All travellers to Mozambique (except for citizens from Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) must apply for a tourist visa in their home country. Border visas are only issued to people coming from countries where there is no Mozambican consular representation. This legislation prevails and has not changed in anyway, according to Tomé Muluana.

The Mozambique Embassy in the US has warned however that the government has become stricter when it comes to enforcing the regulations. The embassy said in a statement: “Unofficially, until recently almost all foreigners have been permitted to purchase tourist visas on arrival.  The only factor being different from obtaining a visa in advance was that the ‘visto de fronteira’ was $25 (R263) more expensive and limited to a single entry. This is no longer the case.  Foreigners arriving without a visa from a country with a Mozambican mission will likely be denied entry and sent to South Africa or another country on the next available flight.”

According to a spokesperson for the Mozambique Embassy in the US, many U.S. citizens have recently been denied entry and have been deported. “The U.S. Embassy strongly recommends that all U.S. citizens obtain visas in advance from the Mozambique Embassy in Washington DC or another country.  In practice, even Americans arriving from a country without a Mozambican diplomatic presence are sometimes being denied entry if arriving without a visa.”

Michele Abraham, Anantara’s marketing communications manager for SA, told Tourism Update the law is indeed not new. “We believe authorities are tightening the regulation due to a high volume of travellers entering Mozambique via Maputo airport or the SA-Mozambique borders with no valid reason for entry or sufficient documentation to prove their purpose of travel.

“We have not had any incidents with any of our international guests this year where visas are concerned, but we are still recommending international travellers pre-apply for visas as we want to ensure all our guests arrive without any hassles. Where there is no consulate in their country, or for last-minute travel, they need to provide the necessary travel documentation to prove they are there for leisure purposes (return ticket, accommodation confirmation or invitation letter),” she says.

From  : Tourism Update

By Dorine Reinstein

28 July 2014