aardvarkEver wondered what happens in the camp while you sleeping ? Our game camera (placed only meteres from our water tank by the kitchen area ) picks up many weird and wonderful happenings. Two days of camera activity and we managed to capture, Leopard (often) seems to be resident, Ardvaark, Hyena (often), Elephants (often), Genet cat (often), Civet cat, African wild cat (seems to be resident), Bushbuck and Waterbuck.

Much fun was had by all involved in the Marathon including our chef Costa who ran the 21k marathon and earned his medal and tee shirt. A full camp at Pioneers for three nights afterwards, which was great!

Just before leaving camp on the early morning of 2nd July we heard loud roaring lions and the bleating of buffalo close by. We jumped into the vehicle and drove about a kilometer where we came upon about 12 hyena. Clearly and by the sound of it a lion had taken a buffalo down by the river and the hyena were busy fixing for a good scavenge or to steal the prey but had been seen off by the lions. However, as Casper left the site where we were looking for lion, he came across first two large males on their way towards the kill and a little further along a female with three young cubs.

Although we hear lion just about every day near camp and often see the remains of kills they have been pretty difficult to find. This has been a wonderful few days of actually seeing lion and more than we expected, a female and her cubs.

On two occasions this last month (June) we have seen Ardwolf (NOT to be confused with Ardvaark) in the vlei during a bush walk.

The weather is good, clear, warm during the day but a bit chilly at night. Clear night skies with wonderful star gazing opportunities for the astronomers in you!

pioneer campThe river has dropped about 1.5 meters in the last three or four weeks and will continue to do so now for the next few months. It will offer the opening up of channels and some good structure for better fishing and even a good wallow to cool off in the shallow sandy channels in the hotter months to come – with a crocodile sentry on duty of course.

Hippo are coming up and grazing around the camp during the night and can be heard chomp chomping just outside our tents…..they keep the lawns tidy!

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Until next time

Francie & Mike Sherrin
Camp Managers
Pioneers Camp Zimbabwe