Zambezi SunTHE Zambezi Sun hotel is to undergo refurbishment to bring the resort into alignment with new technological trends after refurbishing the Royal Livingstone at a cost of K36 million.
In a statement, Sun Hotels managing director Joanne Selby said over the years, the hotel’s design required upgrades in terms of technology, which was not a major consideration when the property was built in early 2000.
However, the hotel did not release the estimated costs of the refurbishments.
In 2012, Sun International Hotels refurbished the Royal Livingstone at a cost of K36 million, adding new dimensions to the existing rooms.
“Zambezi Sun is to be refurbished to re-establish the much loved property as a family destination of choice in Zambia. Therefore, creating a refined and accommodating the advances in technology were a focus for the refurbishments,” Selby said.
She added that the refurbishments at the resort, which houses Livingstone’s only convention centre, would commence next month.

From : Postzambia

By Edwin Mbulo

17 June 2014