Livingstone - Zambia

Livingstone – Zambia

ZAMBIA has been ranked the world’s number three among 50 upcoming tourism and travel destinations.
According to a list compiled by Love Home Swap, based on data from the World Travel and Tourism Council, the 2014/2015 top 50 upcoming countries to watch were dominated by African countries, with Namibia graded in first place, followed by Montenegro.
The WTTC data states that although some of the African countries that have dominated may not necessarily have the infrastructure ready yet to support tourism, they are building up hotels, restaurants and shops that cater to foreign visitors and are promoting themselves as top tourist destinations.
And a check on the Livingstone Tourism Association (LTA) website, a declaration simply states that Livingstone and environs offer stylish lodges and hotels, as well as a wide range of accommodation options to use as base for exploring the area.
The city which boasts of many national monuments both cultural and natural is truly alive to its grade as Zambia’s tourist capital as declared by President Michael Sata after he announced the relocation of the provincial administrative capital to Choma.

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