beitbridgeThank you to Keith Ballantyne from Kariba, who recently posted this useful information:-

“The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority have staff stationed at the Beitbridge border specifically to assist any visitors or tourists coming into Zimbabwe.

They are positioned at the end of the bridge in the car park as you cross into Zimbabwe, and will assist you right through the border, sorting out all the formalities, Road toll, Customs, Road tax, Immigration, Visas, Interpol, etc. and then see you right through to the exit gate.  They will handle everything for you at absolutely no charge whatsoever.

That is their job and they are very proud of it, and it is to show visitors that you can enter Zimbabwe without any problems and at no unforeseen costs.

I have personally used them and they were really friendly and gave a fantastic service, well worth using.

The Area Manager is Bertha Mutowembwa on +263 286 23640/1 office, or +263 772 344317 or +263 712 320428 email.
The Marketing Executive is Lindarose Ntuli on +263 772 409373 or the above office number. Email.

All you have to do is drop them a mail the day before you expect to cross and then phone them before you cross over and they will meet you at the bridge to sort you out.”

From : Wild Zambezi

4 June 2014