An unfortunate end for 1time

PAK Africa Aviation, the company planning to acquire 1time Holdings and possibly launch a new carrier using the 1time brand, hopes to beat other new carriers in launching domestic flights in South Africa.

Late last year the company announced plans to launch local flights using the 1time brand by March 2014, following PAK Africa’s acquisition of a stake in Global Airways.

Javed Malik, Director of Pak Africa Aviation, says the company is still going through the final audit process of acquiring 1time Holdings. He says the final listing process is expected to be finalised by June. Malik says the target date to launch flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as between Johannesburg and Harare will be 60 days after the acquisition of 1time Holdings is announced.

When asked about concerns that have been raised by industry authorities regarding the lack of demand to sustain more new carriers planning to launch domestic services between Johannesburg and Cape Town this year, Malik says: “First entrance is very crucial. We believe we will have the first mover’s advantage.”

He explains that it is still Pak Africa Aviation’s intention to use the 1time brand but that the company’s marketing team is doing a survey on the pros and cons of doing this. “We would like to put a message to consumers to comment on the 1time Facebook page about their views on using the same brand,” says Javed. The 1time Facebook page, however, has been inactive with the last post on November 2012.

Malik says the company has two other brand options but that these could not be disclosed until a later stage.

“All legalities are complete in terms of regulations but we want to use one brand and wish to launch both domestic and regional at the same time,” he says.

In December Pak Africa Aviation acquired a 62% stake in Global Airways, which offers non-scheduled flights throughout Africa. Global Airways is also licensed to operate scheduled passenger flights and has purchased four A320 aircraft.

From : Tourism Update.
By Chana Boucher

30 May 2014