david lemonI travelled to Siavonga to chat with David Lemon who was returning to Zambia to complete his Zambezi Trek. It was an all-day journey from Kariba Bush Club
because we had to go back to the main Livingstone-Lusaka road and then travel down again to the Lake. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a road which runs along the lake … or even a boat which could take people and vehicles along it …
We arrived to find David sitting with all the revelers at the Siavonga Music Festival, so we joined him. Unable to hear ourselves think, we moved a bit away from the stage. David has been in Zambia for a while, giving talks and promoting his book. Now it was time to continue the trek. He felt fully fit and
ready to start … but a little bit nervous. He said he would be all right once he got going. Now aged 69, David wanted to complete the trek before he reached 70 years.
For the first two days of the trip he was accompanied by friends and family. Two of his grandchildren were there to walk with him. Also to walk for the first two days were a friend, Dawn, from Cape Town and Alex, one of Zambia’s artists/conservationists. Alex is the one responsible for the wonderful wire sculpture outside the Council buildings in Livingstone and is being filled with litter.
The following morning after a cup of tea we joined the team as they went to the starting point on the Siavonga-Chirundu Road. There were a few photo opportunities and David was off again … He had people to chat to and, more to the point, he was not carrying his backpack. Andy Taylor was the
rep from Cowbell, the sponsors of the trek. Andy was following behind in his car and giving the backpack a ride …
David’s journey will take him to Chirundu and then over the Kafue River via the pontoon and then into Chiawa Game Management Area. From the border of Chiawa he will have to be accompanied by a ZAWA scout until he finally leaves Lower Zambezi National Park near to Luangwa. At Luangwa he will cross the Luangwa River to Zumbo in Mozambique.
David has a Mozambique visa, so he is confident that he will not be faced with a ‘brick wall’ as he was when he tried to enter Angola.
Once in Mozambique I doubt that we will hear much of his exploits. David has no idea either how he will manage, but he knows that people are generally very kind and will help him on his way

From : The Livingstone Weekly

By : Jill Staden