Cansaf has recently been working on an event that consisted of a number of visitors from countries that fall into category ‘C” on the Visa regime list of Zimbabwe’s Department of Home Affairs. You can get the latest visa regime on the following URL and this has been recently amended: Zimbabwe Immigration

Zimbabwe has recently introduced a system by which a visitor from category C can pre apply for a visa by going to the   Evisa website

The system used on this site is very simple and allows the user to make an online account using their email address and a password. We found the system to be user friendly and well explained. The system also allows the applicant to work on their application in a phased format as they will be required to submit copies of their passports and so forth.

This is a very exciting step for Zimbabwe’s leisure tourism and MICE tourism and one that we should all be spreading the word about. There are a number of countries such as India that have made little impact on Zimbabwe’s tourism figures in the last decade and if this E Visa is now used to its full potential we will see the opportunity for a major increase in travel from these countries in the months and years to come.

Editor, VF24

16 April 2014